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Get the down and dirty FAQs about UNBC Online.

What types of online courses does online.unbc.ca offer?

UNBC Online offers three main programs:

With our certificate programs, the option is available to enrol in the entire program or take individual courses to upgrade skills. Therefore, individual enrollment allows students the freedom to take relevant courses where necessary, but eventually apply these courses to the relevant certificate if they choose.

Can I start my UNBC Online course at any time?

Yes. Our online courses have no assigned start or finish date, therefore, allowing you immediate access to your course.

What are the advantages of taking a UNBC Online course?

You can complete any of our online courses:

  • At your convenience
  • At your own pace
  • On practically any device – computer, tablet or smartphone

Can I access old courses after having already taken them?

Yes. Online.unbc.ca allows students access to their online courses for seven years from the registration date.

How long will it take me to complete my UNBC Online certificate?

The Occupational Health and Safety Online Certificate is a 10-module program that examines:

Overall, your OHS certificate is approximately 300 hours to complete.

In addition, the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate is approximately 60 hours in length.

The certificate’s 10-modules examine the following topics:

2 Comments on “UNBC Online: Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi there,

    I am interested in taking the Environmental Monitoring Cert online. I am looking into options for funding support and am hoping for some information. I could not find the program on the Student Aid BC loan application, so I am assuming that I do not qualify for a loan based on not reaching the full-time requirements. Are there any other options as a student? Does your institution offer academic funding support? Am I eligible as a distance student for awards or scholarships?

    I am also interested in taking the practical portion of the program. Are there other students on a wait-list? What is the timeline for something like this?

    Jen Glover

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Those are all great questions, thank you for reaching out to us. Would you mind forwarding the same questions to our business email at cstudies@unbc.ca. We will do our best to answer your questions via email and discuss possible opportunities regarding the practical portion.

      Thank you.

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