Top Companies to Work for in the North as an Environmental Monitor

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Top Companies to Work for as an environmental monitor

Get to work!

What do Canfor, West Fraser, Spectra Energy, and BC Hydro all have in common?

They want you & your phenomenal Environmental Monitoring skills!

Not only are these awesome companies to work for (hello benefits!), but they are all currently planning and carrying out projects in Central and Northern B.C.

Currently, there are dozens of large-scale companies working on industrial projects throughout Central and Northern B.C. that work in collaboration with, or directly hire Environmental Monitors. With the increasing opportunity for industrial projects over the next few decades there will continue to be a growing demand to incorporate environmentally-conscious employees and departments throughout B.C.’s industrial sector.

As you may have noticed, over the past few decades, it has been an apparent and developing trend for large corporations to ensure their environmental impacts by implementing and maintaining sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices. One of the ways that these companies are ensuring their projects are environmentally ethical are to retain full-time Environmental and Wildlife Monitors. These professions are being brought on-board more and more to ensure ecosystem conservation where projects are being worked on. Environmental Monitors are also being employed to help with transparency practices and to help advise on ways to mitigate the potential effect of work crews in rural locations.

In addition to these large-scale corporations, there are many different niches where Environmental Monitors can find meaningful employment. Additional career opportunities as an Environmental Monitor exist in organizations such as environmental consulting firms, government agencies, Post-Secondary Institutions, research centres, industrial treatment facilities, as well as non-profit firms.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Environmental Monitoring is a great career to get into, and you know where to start! By checking out UNBC’s Continuing Studies and signing up for our awesome in-class or online Environmental Monitoring Certificate.

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