The Importance of Environmental Monitoring

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The importance of environmental monitoring

Question: What is so important about environmental monitoring?

Answer: Pretty much everything.

Environmental monitoring is one of the most vital roles involved in environmental responsibility and sustainability. I know you’re probably thinking – Ok, that’s cool BUT what does an Environmental Monitor do?

Well let me tell you – they are basically environmental superheroes. Environmental Monitors are advocates for the environment that are able to mitigate negative environmental impacts associated with industrial activities. This is a vital role in observing, recording, communicating and archiving collected data and providing it to project stakeholders in order to identify sustainable and responsible environmental practices.

mine-equipmentCurrently and over the next decade, there are billions of dollars’ worth of major industrial projects planned in northern B.C. Accompanied by these industrial projects come factors that could potentially harm the environment and wildlife ecosystems. Environmental monitoring helps to ensure that the industrial projects being implemented abide by policies and practices to decrease their impact on the environment.

Environmental Monitors are not only regulating advocates for the environment, but they also play a vital role in scientific research. Environmental monitoring helps to create a baseline for the impact of industrial pollutants in the air, land and water. By studying and submitting air, water and soil samples, scientists are able to determine the significant short and long-term impacts of industrial projects and the effect they may have on a given area.

Environmental Monitoring also helps to ensure accountability and transparency for industry. In relation to regulations and policies – industrial companies have to jump through hoops to prove they are not going to be obliterating local ecosystems. By employing Environmental Monitors to carry out required tests and submitting reports to the municipal and provincial governments, Environmental Monitors help to verify industry’s compliance to environmental regulatory standards.

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