The Difference between Environmental Protection Prevention and Mitigation

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The Difference between Environmental Protection, Prevention and Mitigation

To Serve & Protect, Prevent & Mitigate!

What is the difference between environmental protection, prevention and mitigation? Well let me give you the goods!

Environmental protection is the practice of preserving the natural environment during project development. This is important because it provides projects to carry out sustainable development, while at the same time maintaining environmental values for future generations. Methods to achieve environmental protection include adhering to applicable legislation and additional procedures and policies, as well as social licensing. Social licencing is becoming more prevalent in industry today, because business realize that they need to go above and beyond the protected legislation requirements in order to foster community involvement in their projects.

There are guidelines that Environmental Monitor’s use in order to prevent and mitigate adverse effects on the environment during project production. These guidelines contain the two important principles of environmental prevention and mitigation.

Environmental prevention is described as halting an adverse effect from occurring during project development.

Environmental mitigation is described as the steps taken to lessen the severity once the effect occurs, or to limit the distribution of the effect over time and space.

The hierarchy for environmental protection is always to strive for preventative measures, because it is always easier and more beneficial to stop an event from happening before it actually occurs. However, if there is an effect that cannot be avoided, environmental mitigation measures are applied to limit the severity and duration of the event’s effect.

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