Steel Rails & Silver Dreams

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We will be lucky enough to to visit the site of the old Dolly Varden mine this year on our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC trip.  From Alice Arm, the road up the Kitsualt River Valley has been repaired to within a km of the mine.   We will take a leisurely stroll the remainder of the way and tour the site.  If you are interested in the history of the area then Daryl Muralt’s book on the Dolly Varden mine is must read.

Steel Rails & Silver Dreams by Daryl Muralt

Beautifully done history of the Dolly Varden silver mines in British Columbia, one of Canada’s richest silver mines, and the Dolly Varden Mines Railway that served it. Details the physical and economic struggles that eventually led to its demise: the rugged territory, the pitched battle between between the mine owners and the railway construction company, Taylor Engineering Co., and the ensuing financial embarrassments, and the logging operations that used the railway after the silver mine failed. Packed with black and white photos, detailed information and diagrams of the varied locomotives (including the Climax) and rolling stock, and maps (including end paper maps of the entire region).

Steel Rails and Silver Dreams book

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