Online Courses / Certificates

UNBC Continuing Studies Online is excited to be developing courses and certificates in an online format to complement the face to face courses that are currently being offered. There are some distinct advantages to courses offered by UNBC Continuing Studies Online.

  • Our courses are designed for learners who want to complete courses or certificates without having to attend a university. Our unique online learning program is the perfect solution offering a growing collection and certificates of continuing education that allows students to learn at their own pace – anywhere, anytime.
  • Unlike other online courses, our video-on-demand program helps individuals quickly grasp knowledge by providing high quality videos and assessments with clearly identified learning outcomes.
  • UNBC has implemented a robust online registration system that will allow learners to seamlessly register for their desired courses online using a secure payment gateway and immediately begin the learning process upon registration. This ease of registration and enrollment makes UNBC Continuing Studies Online a leader in the e-commerce online learning market.
  • We recognize that every business has unique training needs so we will tailor courses to allow any organization to incorporate all of its own product training, operating policies, procedures and work practices into existing course material.

Classroom Courses

As part of the best small university in Western Canada, UNBC Continuing Studies serves the needs of learners of all ages. UNBC Continuing Studies offers a wide range of programming through our campuses in Prince George, Terrace and Fort St. John. Whether it is to upgrade skills, earn new qualifications, keep competencies current, maintain professional standing, satisfy mandatory accreditation requirements and/or enhance personal growth and broaden perspectives, UNBC Continuing Studies delivers.

Flatter work structures mean doing more with less (fewer people, fewer resources, and particularly, less time), yet the velocity of work has not slowed down. In order to keep up to emerging technologies, we must all develop strategic thinking skills and build on our existing knowledge bases and skill sets.

Changing social and professional norms mean learning priorities have shifted, with many working professionals returning to some form of education or training. Employers know that an investment in continued education and training yields high returns. It is critically important for progressive organizations to support lifelong training by utilizing proven expertise with timely, relevant programming.

Customized Contract Training Services

Whether you are looking at participating in a registered program, or need us to help create programming for your staff, we are ready to collaboratively design custom training programs that address your company’s challenges, enhance organizational effectiveness, and deliver measurable results. The most exciting part about this process is the passion that our team takes in making your programming needs a reality. They are learner-focused and use their experience to create customized training solutions that allow you, or your organization, to achieve educational goals.

Our custom training program is an efficient, targeted way to enhance employee skills in specific areas required to improve your company’s effective performance. Project Management, Environmental Monitoring, Experiential Learning Opportunities, Industry Focused Training, and Customized Workshops are some of the options you can take advantage of. We can customize any course, workshop, or certificate program offered at UNBC Continuing Studies to meet your unique requirements. Why not see how we can leverage UNBC’s strengths to create customized training solutions for you or your staff this year?

UNBC Continuing Studies will:

  • Provide assessment of your training needs
  • Provide research and development of training resources
  • Deliver training in Leadership, Management, Risk, Coaching, Communication, and a wide variety of other skill and knowledge-building subjects
  • Provide registration and administration support
  • Provide room bookings and all catering requirements at UNBC’s beautifully designed campus in Prince George, at one of our regional campuses in Quesnel, Terrace, Prince Rupert, or Fort St John, or we will work with you to identify a suitable location in your community
  • Report results