Health and Safety: What are your options?

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Who doesn’t like options?

For Occupational Health & Safety professionals, career options exist in all types of sectors. Most of all in sectors such as manufacturing, mining, forestry, construction, and government.

These sectors depend on certified occupational health and safety (OHS) workers to specialize as consultants, coordinators, managers, or inspectors, to assure workplace safety compliance.

Health and safety inspectors, for example, may work as a mine examiner and mine safety inspector, or a dangerous goods inspector, water inspector, or health and safety officer, and technologist.

In B.C., inspectors classify health and safety hazards and create strategies that control such risks in the workplace.

Skilled OHS workers may have any number of roles. Workplace inspections (equipment and material production), health and safety program development, public facilities and environmental inspections. They also specialize in delivering OHS training programs to employers, employees and the public.

Inspector jobs, therefore, require in-depth OHS training that comes with earning an Occupational Health & Safety Certificate, a minimum requirement for becoming an OHS professional, and a prerequisite for earning your CRSP®.

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