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Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics Assessment is an easy-to-use online training resource that informs participants of important workplace ergonomics methods. Course participants are also taught procedures for performing their own workplace ergonomic assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define ergonomics
  • Know the risk factors associated with office work
  • Describe WorkSafeBC’s OHS Regulation requirements regarding ergonomics
  • Understand the role of organization policies and procedures in ergonomics
  • Define a musculoskeletal injury (MSI)
  • Understand the relationship between basic anatomy and MSI
  • Explain the signs and symptoms of MSI
  • Recognize the neutral position and its role in preventing MSI
  • Know the correct ergonomic set-up for your workstation
  • Do an ergonomic assessment on your own workstation
  • Reduce or remove any identifiable risks
  • Summarize key points from the course
  • Learn additional strategies to keep safe and healthy

Module 1 – The first module consists of three lessons and is designed to introduce students to workplace ergonomics, ergonomic regulations and policies, and risk and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. 

Module 2 – The second module is a hands-on workstation assessment that looks at chairs, monitors, workstations, and more.