Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Certificate

For learners:
  • Thinking about a career change?
  • Ready to advance your career?

UNBC Continuing Studies has the answer. There is no better time than now to register for UNBC’s Online Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Certificate. From resource-based industries such as forestry, mining and agriculture, to professional industries such as health care, technology and hospitality, the need for health and safety professionals crosses all sectors. With the OH&S Practitioner Certificate you will gain transferable skills relevant to all industries, while expanding your professional expertise in the health and safety field as you shape your path to a financially stable and diverse career.

For employers:
  • Are you an employer who wants to reduce injuries and risk in your organization?
  • Do you want to position your business as an employer of choice in today’s competitive labour environment?

We want to help your organization meet its health and safety objectives. As a stakeholder, the demand on your business to ensure safe, productive workplaces has never been higher. With the OH&S Practitioner Certificate your staff will earn the qualifications needed to implement your business’s health and safety plan – ensuring a safe workplace for all employees.




Why choose online training?

No classrooms  – No travel – Affordable tuition – Accessible anywhere, on any device – Industry designed content

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Register for each individual course for $765 per course.

Courses In This Certificate

In order to get the Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner Certificate you must complete all 10 of the courses listed below. Please note that each course below may be purchased individually to suit your financial or learning needs. UNBC Continuing Studies will accept up to two course transfers, upon approval, from students who are planning to enroll in the face-to-face or online OHS Practitioner Certificate program. For more information email cstudies@unbc.ca.

This program currently, partially fulfills the accreditation requirements of the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) for the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) certification. CRSP’s work in intermediate level health and safety practitioner positions as well as managerial positions, after a significant degree of work experience is obtained (see http://www.bcrsp.ca/ for more details).

Safety Starts with Canada’s #1 Small University

As part of Canada’s #1 small university, UNBC Continuing Studies now offers cutting edge online training in OH&S, which incorporates video, text and imagery into its lesson plans to achieve an easy-to-use training system. Designed with your needs in mind, this program is built to help working professionals who want to complete an education in OH&S while still working. It offers flexible training with simple, video-based learning tools that allow you to complete modules at your own pace and time on virtually any device.

Safety Starts with Collaboration

As Northern B.C.’s learning hub, UNBC and UNBC Continuing Studies are active partners among public and private sectors when it comes to designing relevant curriculum for students at various stages of their education and career development that also meet the needs of stakeholders seeking qualified staff. Learn more about our partnerships here.

Safety Starts with Leadership

UNBC Continuing Studies has an established OH&S program that has provided skilled OH&S training to organizations and communities throughout Northern B.C. Developed in conjunction with leaders in the OH&S field, our program instructors and subject-matter experts contribute real-life job experience to the course material, preparing learners with the qualified skills and knowledge needed for entry into the field of health and safety.

The OH&S program is developed in conjunction with leaders in the OH&S field and offers the most flexibility in comparison to other OH&S Certificates.

stopwatchTight on Time?

No problem! This certificate is ideal for anyone’s schedule – offering a self-paced learning environment with the program broken down into 10 focused courses relevant to Occupational Health and Safety.


Learn from Experienced and Respected Instructors

UNBC Continuing Studies has gathered a diverse team of instructors that bring over eighty years of combined OH&S expertise to your training.  Each one is industry certified, and passionate about sharing their knowledge gained hands-on in fields such as mining, health care and facility operations.

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