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Learning how to run properly and with the right technique is fundamental to enhancing your running experience and maintaining your personal health. This FREE online course hits all the right strides for improving your training performance, from basic body mechanics to picking the right shoe.

5 Benefits to taking Foundations of Running

Free access to a graduated running program
In-depth knowledge about how to run efficiently, and how to minimize injury or strain
Methods for identifying the type of runner you are
Awareness about the right equipment to use and tackling uneven terrain
Did we mention it is FREE?

Course Topics

Module 1 – Techniques & Cadence

  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Running Basics
  • Maintaining Body Position
  • Core Stability
  • Running on Uneven Terrain

 Module 2 – Shoe Selection and Foot Strike

  • Analyzing Your Gait
  • Identifying Your Strike
  • Choosing Your Shoe
  • Shoe Based on Your Strike

Module 3 – Warm Up Activities

  • Warm Up Activities
  • Multi-directional Activities