Wildlife, Bird and Amphibian Mitigation Measures

Venture into the wild to develop valuable and sustainable wildlife mitigation methods.

This course is the seventh component of the Online Environmental Monitoring Certificate. Gain a wider scope of understanding of wildlife monitoring and mitigation measures from qualified experts. This course covers key considerations for wildlife, birds, and amphibians, and the fundamentals needs of their habitats and ecosystems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Defining wildlife.
  • Distinguishing protected and endangered species.
  • Learning considerations for monitoring wildlife.
  • Recognizing the amphibians of British Columbia.
  • Understanding lentic, lotic, and terrestrial habitats.
  • Identifying amphibians.
  • Gaining a particular understanding of Tailed Frog ecology and habitat.
  • Learning about habitat restoration and enhancement.
  • Understanding proper amphibian handling, husbandry, and salvaging techniques.
Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson, MSc, MEd, RPBio

Mark Thompson is a professional biologist with the BC College of Applied Biology, Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, and director with the BC Association of Professional Biologists. He specializes in herpetology, the study of amphibians and reptiles.

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Lonnie Kaechele

Lonnie Kaechele BC Park Ranger

Bio coming soon.

Eric Lennert

Eric Lennert BSc Environmental Studies, Natural Resource Specialist

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