Introduction to Environmental Monitoring

Forage into a career as an Environmental Monitor with this first, essential course in the Online Environmental Monitoring Certificate. Learn the roles and responsibilities of Environmental Monitors from industry and legal experts. This introductory course will help students visualize the scope of importance and opportunity involved in an Environmental Monitoring career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify natural resources (renewable vs. non-renewable).
  • Define sustainable development and discuss the consumer chain.
  • Discuss different management systems (stakeholder consultation, and Land and Resource Management Plans).
  • Describe the steps used in approving a proposed natural resource development project
  • Define Environmental Monitoring.
  • Discuss the role of environmental monitors at different stages of natural resource development.
  • Recognize types of EM work (baseline vs. construction, long-term vs. short-term).

Cathy Mackay, MSc, RPBio, PAg

Cathy Mackay is a Professional Biologist, a Professional Agrologist and an owner of EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. Her technical background is split equally among specialties in wildlife, wildlife habitat and aquatic sciences.

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Richard B. Krehbiel J.D.

Rick served with the Saskatchewan and BC natural resources departments until founding his consulting business in Prince George in 1993. Prior to relocating to British Columbia in 1990 he graduated from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law and worked in private practice and as a provincial Crown Prosecutor.

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Quinn Barabash B.A. Geography

Quinn has over 10 years of experience working in multiple disciplines within the environmental sector. He specializes in fisheries and wildlife sciences and social sciences.

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