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UNBC’s Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate is a professional certificate that gives students the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to work as an environmental monitor.  Environmental monitors are environmental representatives who ensure that industrial activities comply with today’s government standards. Therefore, this certificate teaches students the ORCA model, the system used by environmental monitors to Observe, Record, Communicate and Archive (ORCA) data to mitigate or respond to potential environmental impacts. Students learn to become an advocate for the environment so that companies uphold their environmental obligations.

Why Choose the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate?

The Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate offers:

  • Self-paced Curriculum: This program is completely self-paced. Therefore, you determine the pace and duration it takes to finish.
  • Easy-to-use Format: All courses use video-based instruction that is supported by easily navigated learning tools for quick and easy material review.
  • Instant Course Access: You will have immediate access to course material the moment your registration is approved. Therefore, you could start today if you wanted!
  • Responsive Program Support: From start to finish, our support staff will be available to help you with registration, coursework advisement, scheduling, technical support, and more.
  • Specialized Industry Training: The Environmental Monitoring Certificate is specifically designed and instructed by industry specialists, who created the course based on required industry standards.

 10 Courses to Complete

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The Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate is available at a cost of $2750.

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Who is this program for?

For Learners: First, the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate is for learners who want to pursue a career as an environmental monitor but do not have the entry-level education requirements. Second, the program is for learners who may already work in the field but want to upgrade their qualifications to meet industry expectations.

Additionally, having the right environmental monitoring expertise could lead to potential careers working for:

Pipeline Projects · Mining Reclamation · Oil and Gas Operations · Transmission Lines · Seismic Lines · And Much More

For Employers: Now more than ever, your company has a responsibility to adhere to environmental guidelines when conducting its projects. Therefore, the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate focuses on advancing employees’ knowledge of up-to-date response procedures and policies. Moreover,  through easily-accessible content and self-paced learning, your staff can establish their skills at a pace comfortable to them with limited disruption to your workplace’s productivity.

Field Skills

UNBC Continuing Studies also offers field-based components of the Environmental Monitoring Certificate.

Additional training components are useful to individuals currently enrolled in the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate or anyone seeking to advance their monitoring processes in the field.

Students will gain hands-on practice using a variety of environmental data collecting equipment and will visit various field sites for analysis of projects at different phases, and the fundamental monitoring procedures at each phase.

For field skills training, please email us at cstudies@unbc.ca or call us at 1-866-843-8061 to express your interest. A minimum of 12 students is required to plan this supplemental component.

Environmental Monitoring Certificate - Water Testing
Environmental Monitoring Certificate - Water Testing
Environmental Monitoring Certificate - Construction In Sensitive Areas
Environmental Monitoring Certificate - Field Work
jason yarmish environmental monitoring certificate

Learn from Experienced and Respected Instructors

Your course instructors are environmental monitoring practitioners who helped design this program specifically for this line of work. Therefore, you are earning introductory skills and training specifically sought by employers.

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