Learning Management System Update is Coming Jan 2nd

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On January 2nd, 2018 we will update the current learning management system design. While the functionality will remain the same, the look and feel will be different when you log into the system.

What is the New Experience?

Aside from the new look and feel, the most notable change is that this site is now responsive on various mobile and tablet devices. With an updated look and feel, our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to learn on any device at anytime.

What Should You Expect to See on Jan 2nd?

The primary changes will be:

  1. A new layout on your home and course home page, with simplified colours and structure;
  2. A navigation bar with a single row of links that adjusts to device screen size, in comparison to the previous drop down menu; and
  3. My Courses has a new look. Courses will have images associated with them. You can access your favorite courses by pinning them to the top of your course list.

Click to see a short video on the user experience.

Will There Be Any Downtime on Jan 2nd?

Technically there is no downtime on Jan 2nd. However, due to constant updates throughout the day, you may have an unpleasant experience with your learning. We will make every effort to minimize disruption.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact cstudies@unbc.ca.

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