Riding in style as we cruise up a remote Northwest BC River in search of another photo worthy location

This 5 day educational experience will take you to some of Northwest B.C.’s most beautiful and remote photo worthy locations. Our expert guides will transport you to rugged rivers with cascading waterfalls, coastal estuaries, feeding grizzly bears, valleys home to soaring eagles, First Nations cultural sites plus much more. Using powerful jet boats that allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible locations, this educational tour will provide photography tips and techniques to ensure that you take the best possible photos. There will also be educational evening presentations highlighting local photography and history. Our professional biologist and guide has over thirty years of experience photographing in remote Northwest B.C. locations. He will reveal some of his favorite locations during this photographic adventure. There will also be shore excursions and hikes to see some of the regions amazing bio-diversity. You will not want to miss the BBQ salmon dinner cooked over an open fire on a gravel bar in the middle of the mighty Skeena River and other tastes of the Northwest.

Bear Viewing on Remote Coastal Estuary

 The first evening will be spent meeting the guide and other program guests in the beautiful Yellow Cedar Lodge followed by a slideshow introducing the participants to the highlights of the week ahead and the photographic assignment for the next day. The subsequent evenings will consist of a social where we have local historians and photographers enlighten the group with their knowledge and photos of the area.

The first day begins with a jet boat ride up the Exchamsiks River, one the most picturesque rivers in the northwest. Your launch-point will be at the confluence of the Exchamsiks and the Skeena River, where a Coastal Sitka spruce rainforest towers over this stunning river junction. The ride up the river begins below a massive
4000 foot rock gorge. At every turn a new photographic opportunity awaits, as we lose track of the hundreds of waterfalls cascading down in all directions. We will be on the lookout for Mtn Goats on the cliffs above and Moose roaming the gravel bars.

A new surprise awaits at every corner of the river!

Day two focuses on the “River of Mist” and British Columbia’s second longest river, the Skeena. You will travel along one of the most beautiful stretches of highway that follows the banks of the Skeena while threading through the Coast Mountains en route to Prince Rupert. After launching in the tidal portion of the river we will jet our way past the historic Skeena River salmon cannery sites towards the town of Port Essington where we will explore and photograph this unique location. After a shore lunch we are off to a remote hotspring to enjoy a soothing soak.

The Remnants of the Port Essington Boardwalk

June is prime feeding time for the coastal Grizzly Bears because they have recently emerged from hibernation and are hungry for the succulent sedge grasses that grow along the coastal estuaries. These lush green fields of grasses provide an amazing backdrop for the photographer to capture that perfect snapshot. You will also have an opportunity to see Grizzly Bears and remote coastal estuaries as the jet boats allow you to safely photograph the bears, without disturbing them.

Photographing Grizzly Bears from the safety of a boat

Some call the Kasiks River “The most beautiful river in the world,” and rightly so as the jet boat ride will overload your senses. This remote untouched river valley has vertical rock walls that tower over the river on both sides with waterfalls cascading down in all directions. Even though the river is relatively short in length, only 14 km, it will provide a plethora of photographic opportunities and a thrill of a lifetime as your jet boat runs this narrow and shallow river.

One of the hundreds of Waterfalls you will see along this river!

Day Five will focus on the culture and history of the Skeena River as we jet up river from Terrace to Kitselas Canyon. Our first stop will be “Ringbolt Island,” which is named after the large rings bolted into the canyon walls which were used by early 19th century paddleboats to winch themselves through swift and rocky waters of the canyon. You will also visit Kitselas Canyon National Historic Site which is one of the most intriguing cultural and geological tourism destinations in northwestern B.C.

Exploring Ringbolt Island in Kitselas Canyon

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  1. This trip looks amazing. What a fabulous opportunity. I am interested in photography lessons but dont have a massive camera. I only have a Sony cybershot DSC HX300 but I LOVE photography and if you have any sessions I would be very interested.


  2. Having a high end camera is not a requirement to attend the tour. Some people have point and shoots and other high end DSLR’s. It’s upto the participant.
    The only requirement is a sense of advneture!

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