Jet Boat Photography Tour Day Three

Rob BryceJet Boat Photography, UNBC Experiential Tourism Program0 Comments

We had another great day on the river.  We focused on the Skeena River east of Terrace.  Our destination was Kitselas Canyon and home of the Kitselas First Nation.  The river was high which made for a tremendous amount of water surging through the narrow canyon.  I think everyone’s heart was pounding as we powered and rolled over the the standing waves of the canyon.  We looked at the ringbolts on “Ringbolt Island” where they winched the paddle wheelers up in the early 1900’s.   We were treated to an interpretive tour of the Kitselas historic site which is always nice and especially when arriving by jet boat.   The group also practiced their long exposures on a small tumbling creek.

Powering through Kitselas Canyon

Enroute to the long houses at Kitselas Historic site

Practicing some long exposures

The final product

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