Mark Thompson M.Sc, M.Ed, RPBio

Mark Thompson is a professional biologist with the BC College of Applied Biology, Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, and director with the BC Association of Professional Biologists. He specializes in herpetology, the study of amphibians and reptiles. He has a Master’s degree in Zoology from the University of Calgary where he studied the genetics of long-toed salamanders in relation to post-glacial migration. He recently completed another Master’s degree the Education department at the University of Northern British Columbia where he studied educational outcomes related to outdoor learning with a focus on teaching youth about amphibians. Mark works professionally as an ecologist at a consulting firm in Prince George, British Columbia. He is a lead researcher on a number of projects looking into the distributions and phenology of amphibians in relation to their terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Most of his work involves environmental monitoring for construction projects, which includes surveys, assessments, and execution of environmental protection or management plans that he develops. This type of work requires lots of communication with contractors, government, First Nations, and other professionals, such as engineers, to assist clients as they execute their work. As an environmental project manager, he supervises environmental monitors and provide guidance on environmental legislation and measures that can be implemented to protect the environment. Mark recently accepted a position through the BC Association of Professional Biologists to head up a provincial professional mentorship program. He is interested in communicating the value and importance of amphibians and wetlands in terms of the ecological goods and services that they supply to the global economy. Mark is married with a small family of boys and likes to volunteer in his spare time to take youth out into local parks to talk about the importance of amphibians and wetlands.