Hanna Van de Vosse B. Sc., RPBio

Hanna Van de Vosse is a Professional Biologist with a background in fisheries and water quality. She began her consulting career in 1995 conducting various fish distribution and habitat assessments on the Columbia River in the West Kootenay Region. Results of these programs were incorporated into BC Hydro’s water use planning for sustainable hydroelectric facility operations in the region. Hanna returned to her roots in northern BC in 1998 and continues to conduct baseline monitoring and environmental assessment work, expanding into additional sectors including oil and gas, mining, transportation, and provincial government agencies. At EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., she successfully oversees development and implementation of multiple baseline and environmental aquatic impact assessments involving regulatory processes. Hanna’s projects are typically reviewed under the provincial Environmental Management Act and BC Environmental Assessment Act.

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

EDI scientists study living things and the places they live. We work on projects that are being planned, projects that are under construction, and sites that are being reclaimed.   We collect baseline information in a project area so we understand the ecosystem and can help developers design the project so it complies with regulatory requirements. Many of our staff have conducted monitoring on construction sites and this perspective enables us to provide mitigation and monitoring plans that are realistic and achievable on the ground.  For example, EDI developed an industry best practice for Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to mitigate impacts to nesting birds. We have managed terrestrial and fisheries baseline assessments for proposed projects and successfully navigated through environmental assessment and permitting processes. In a unique partnership between EDI, First Nations, University of Northern BC, and industry, we initiated a traditional plants project based on incorporating community involvement into requirements for environmental impact assessment. In recognition of this project, EDI and UNBC were awarded the “Collaborative Research Award” at the Northern BC Business and Technology Awards along with our partners Encana and Prophet River First Nation.  EDI applies a science-based approach to consider things that live and places where they live.