Dan LeGrandeur

Dan LeGrandeur is the president and chief instructor at Bear Scare Ltd. He has more than 25 years field experience working with bears and other wildlife, first as a Conservation Officer in British Columbia, then as the creator of Bear Scare Ltd., and also through his work as an educator, training others in techniques for safely co-existing with bears and other wildlife.

Dan’s experiences with wildlife actually began when in the late 1980s when he started as a Conservation Officer. By studying bears, learning about their behaviour and why they act the way they do, Dan developed a technique for non-lethal bear management, which basically involves presenting yourself as the “baddest bear” during a bear encounter.

During his time as a B.C. Conservation Officer, Dan worked in a wide range of environments, ranging from the urban areas of North and West Vancouver to the coastal and rural areas of southwestern B.C. Dan also gained extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of conflict situations involving cougars, black bears and grizzlies in farming/ranching, remote work camps, recreational situations, and even urban areas.

Bear Scare Ltd.

Bear Scare is a Western Canadian company that specializes in training people and organizations in non-lethal methods of resolving human/wildlife conflicts.

Training courses vary from “non-lethal bear management training” for law enforcement and wildlife managers to safety-oriented training for working or recreating in bear and cougar country.