How to Prevent Spills

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How to prevent spills

You Shouldn’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – But Other Substances are a Different Story…

First off let me say – if a spill occurs, don’t try to hide it – report it!

It is VITAL that spill reports are submitted to all of your project team members, and that the report is submitted in a timely manner. It is also super important that you include a variety of facts in your report such as:

  1. Where the spill has occurred
  2. What product or substance was spilled
  3. How much of the substance was spilled
  4. Who witnessed the spill
  5. Steps take thus far to contain or clean-up the spill

If the spill occurs in a significant amount, location or is a detrimental product, it may be vital to report the spill to the provincial and/or federal authorities.

So, that being said – let’s just do our best to prevent spills from happening altogether! Want to know how to prevent spills? Keep a lid on it! For example, ensure that lids or caps are securely fastened on fuel or jerry cans. In addition to this, you should take extra precautions to put substances in primary area of containment, such as on a tarp or a spill tray. For larger equipment, ensure that re-fueling procedures are properly and adequately adhered to.

In the event of a spill or leak occurring on or near water, try to get the equipment causing the spill back onto land before you turn it off.  This way it will mitigate the hydrocarbon on the ground, versus hydrocarbon in the water.

Moral of the Story

Stop spills before they occur. But hey, we all know STUFF happens –so if there is a spill – be responsible. Mitigate it, contain it if you can and report, report, report!

Okay, this isn’t everything you need to know about spill reporting…So get your education on with the Administration, Health & Safety & Reporting course; the 4th module in the UNBC Continuing Studies’ Environmental Monitoring Certificate. And remember – only you can prevent…spills.

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