Getting an Environmental Monitoring Certificate

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Getting an Environmental Monitoring Certificate

In Canada, there are some specific things needed to get an accredited Environmental Monitoring Certificate. There are several face-to-face courses across Canada that give you varying levels of education and experience. UNBC’s Environmental Monitoring Certificate is taught by industry experts and can be taken as an in-class certificate at the Prince George campus or as an Online Certificate through our online learning website.

One of the advantages of taking a course online is that it doesn’t matter where you live or what time zone you are in. Taking a course that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week really makes it easier for a working person to advance their skills or change their career without having to take several months off to “go to school”.

Have you ever taken a correspondence course? Not very much fun, hard to stay motivated to learn, and it’s tough to find a “direction” to go even if they’ve outlined the course in a logical manner. That’s NOT the way online courses should be designed. That’s why UNBC Continuing Studies Online Courses are designed from the ground up to take you through a learning process that makes it easy to complete in small chunks with frequent practice and testing to make sure you know what you’re learning.

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Getting an Environmental Monitoring Certificate is a lot easier to accomplish when you can work on it at any time or location. Check out our Environmental Monitoring Certificate page to see a certificate overview and get links to register.

Environmental Monitoring Certificate

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