Environment Management Programs

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Environmental Management Programs

Start at the Top with an Environmental Management Program

Environmental Monitors use environmental management programs as an additional tool in their arsenal to implement environmental protection. The environmental management program is an all-encompassing program, which should be started at the initial inception of any project. Planning, design and the construction of the project are all included and essential to this plan.

In addition to you, other members that will be involved in working with and adhering to the environmental management program include the project manager, engineers and contractors.

The environmental management program can be quite broad, consisting of many sub-components and additional plans that all feed into each other at different stages of project development. The purpose of this plan is to manage and mitigate any environmental risks that could be associated with the project development.

A specific part of the environmental management program is the construction environmental management program. This program consists of the construction environmental management plan (CEMP), the environmental protection plan (EPP), the EMP, as well as pre-construction surveys.

The development of all of the necessary programs and plans are guided by the environmental management program. These plans and programs are usually designed and drafted by the project manager and a team of qualified environmental professionals, to ensure that an accurate and customized program is applied to the project.

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