Current projects in Northern B.C. that require Environmental Monitors

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Environmental Monitoring Projects

Grab Opportunity by the…PROJECTS!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the next couple of decades there are dozens of major industrial projects planned throughout Northern B.C.

Not only will these industrial planned projects jack up the cash in our provincial economy, create a name for the north in the export industry, but are also projected to blow-up the demand for skilled workers – including Environmental Monitors.

Currently, there are billions of dollars in estimated investment planned for industrial projects in a variety of industries, spanning the north, from Prince Rupert to Fort St. John. These industries include clean energy projects, major mines, resorts, LNG facilities and pipelines, and utilities, among others.

Not only are most of these projects getting environmental and government approval to move forward, but many of these projects will have an extensive operation span. For example the Red Chris Copper-Gold Mine has an estimated mine life of 28 years and Mount Milligan Copper- Gold Mine has a projected span of over 22 years. In addition to this, the Site C Clean Energy Project received approval in December 2014 to begin operations and will offer over 100 years of clean, reliable and affordable energy.

By getting a jump on a career in Environmental Monitoring now, you will not create an excellent opportunity to gain a career in a rising industry, but you will also be contributing to a meaningful and ethical impact in the north.

Current and upcoming projects that will require an Environmental Monitor:

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