Health & Safety Training: Planning Ahead

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health & safety training planning

With an Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner Online Certificate at UNBC Continuing Studies students are able to access the health & safety training they need to design and implement an OH&S plan. Companies who prioritize workplace safety depend on occupational health and safety coordinators to ensure their safety plans measure up to today’s designated requirements. That is why the OH&S Online Certificate focuses on … Read More

OH&S Online Certificate: What will you learn?

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Occupational Health and Safety Online Course

OH&S Regulations & Theory With the Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner Online Certificate (OH&S) you will have access to training geared towards creating and implementing a health and safety management system. As workplace safety continues to become a priority for companies, many organizations will seek out skilled workers with health and safety qualifications to do so. When you enrol in the health … Read More

Bear Awareness: Tips from Pros

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Bear Awareness this Summer As we know in Canada, spring is when bears start emerging from hibernation, hungry and no doubt a little grumpy. The #1 tip from BC Parks: Don’t be a contributor to food-conditioning. A food-conditioned bear can lose their natural fear of humans making them more confident when searching for an easy meal. Food-conditioned bears are impossible … Read More

Current projects in Northern B.C. that require Environmental Monitors

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Environmental Monitoring Projects

Grab Opportunity by the…PROJECTS! Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the next couple of decades there are dozens of major industrial projects planned throughout Northern B.C. Not only will these industrial planned projects jack up the cash in our provincial economy, create a name for the north … Read More

We Have a Passion for Your Success

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Committed to Your Future Success

UNBC Continuing Studies has a blog? Why yes, yes we do! We have a passion, a passion for our student’s continuing professional development and success. That’s why whenever we introduce a new certificate or course to our Continuing Studies’ roster, we choose topics that are innovative and relevant to our northern home. So when this passion for our student’s success … Read More