The Skeena Ghost Town of Dorreen

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The once early 1900’s ghost town of Dorreen was home to 200-400 gold miners.  Our visit to this charming little town will be by Jet Boat as it is only accessible by Jet Boat or via rail.  it is possible to have via rail drop you off at the town and then when you want to get picked up in … Read More

Kitsault in the News!

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One of the stops on the Ghost Town Tour is Kitsault The town of Kitsault was established in 1979 as the home community to a molybdenum mine run by the Phelps Dodge corporation of the United States. The community was designed for 1,200 residents and included a shopping mall, restaurant, hospital, swimming pool, bank, movie theatre and bowling alley.[1] In … Read More

Anyox Powerhouse No.1

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Constructed in 1911, Powerhouse No. 1 was the heart of the mining and community operations, providing electricity for the smelter, machine shops and other mining operations, as well as the town, until the mine closed in 1936. Secondary powerhouses and substations in the mine site produced electricity for the ore-haulage railway trolleys and other equipment. Constructed of brick and steel, … Read More

Kitselas Canyon Historic Site

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We mentioned the Kitselas historic site in a previous blog entry but it deserves another post as the canyon ans site is an amazing place.  Not many people have the opportunity to visit the canyon by jet boat and visit Ringbolt island.  By viewing the canyon by boat it provides a unique perspective when we are toured around by Kitselas … Read More

Ghosts Towns of Northwest BC Highlight Video

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This compilation of video ( aerial) and photos will cover off the highlights of last years tour to Five remote Northwest BC Ghost Towns.  Anyox, Alice Arm, Kitsault, Dorreen and Port Essington.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit ( and sleep in three) ghost towns in 5 days in some of Northwest BC’s most scenic and remote locations. … Read More