Career Potential as an Environmental Monitor

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What would a career be like as an environmental monitor?

Why would I be an Environmental Monitor?


If you read our previous blog, you would probably already know what an Environmental Monitor does, but if not, let me sum it up for you. Environmental Monitors are advocates for the environment that are able to minimize negative environmental impacts associated with industrial activities. This is pretty awesome in itself, because when you leave your office at the end of the day (which is usually the forest) you leave knowing that you single-handedly helped to conserve our environment.

But who would hire me?

Take your pick of employers! If you are a professional Environmental Monitor (especially with a few years of experience) there are a ton of employers looking for someone like you.

Environmental monitors are required by a variety of employers such as the federal, provincial and municipal governments, industrial corporations, consulting firms and environmental agencies.

In addition to this, B.C.’s northern economy is currently on the verge of an industrial boom, which has been creating a ripple-effect of demand for environmental awareness surrounding LNG, mining and oil & gas operations. This means that there has never been a better time or more employment opportunities to work as an Environmental Monitor.

Show me the Money!

Okay, they say money can’t buy happiness – BUT it pretty much does when you can rock a career that’s great for environmental sustainability AND comes with a decent paycheck.

With appropriate certification, such as UNBC’s Continuing Studies’ Environmental Monitoring Certificate, an Environmental Monitor could expect to start at an entry level salary of $33,000 per year. The best part is, with additional experience and education under their belt, Environmental Monitors could potentially make between $42,000 – $72,000 per year!

But the perks of being an Environmental Monitor don’t just end with being an environmental advocate, having an in-demand career or making a healthy salary. As an Environmental monitor, your workplace is the wilderness. Ladies can toss away their heels, gents can rid their necks of ties, and have the chance to work in a place that is truly magnificent – nature.

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