Cultural Resource Management, Traditional Territories & Archaeology

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Cultural Resource Management - Environmental Monitoring - Northern BC Stream

Can Ya Dig It? Modern-day Indiana Jones do exist! But before we dive into the exciting topic of Archeology we must take a look at cultural resource management. Cultural resource management is the management of impacts of modern-day activities on our cultural resources. Primarily, Archeology is the focus of most of the cultural resource management projects that are being carried … Read More

Environment Management Programs

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Environmental Management Programs

Start at the Top with an Environmental Management Program Environmental Monitors use environmental management programs as an additional tool in their arsenal to implement environmental protection. The environmental management program is an all-encompassing program, which should be started at the initial inception of any project. Planning, design and the construction of the project are all included and essential to this … Read More

Wildlife of British Columbia

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Wildlife of British Columbia - Elk walking on the road in BC
The Call of the (British Columbian) Wild Did you know that British Columbia has the largest number of mammals per province?! B.C. also has the highest degree of bio-diversity in all of Canada. There are more than 500 different wildlife species in B.C! Large mammals receive the majority of protection and mitigation on projects because they act as umbrella species. ... Read More

What is a Plant?

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Environmental Monitoring - defining plants

Plants – Not Just a Pretty Petal Plants – they’re pretty nifty organisms. When you think of plants, you might immediately envision plants such as your mom’s hydrangeas, but this classification of vegetation includes much, much more. Plants are defined as a living organism that obtains most of its energy from the sunlight via photosynthesis. If you didn’t know – … Read More

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data

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Quantitative data vs qualitative data - Environmental Monitoring

Q vs. Q In your career as an Environmental Monitor you will experience collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. But what the heck is it?! Quantitative data is defined as physical and measurable data. An example of this type of data would be collecting an empirical measurement such as turbidity values from a body of water in a project site. … Read More

How to Define Water Quality

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How to define water quality - environmental monitoring
Why YOU Need to Care About Water Quality! I don’t think there is any more valuable resource in the world than water. Water plays a vital role in supporting life on our planet and has endless uses. Obviously, if you’re alive, you know that drinking water, used for human consumption, plays an extremely significant role in the valuation of water. ... Read More

Best Practices for Construction in Sensitive Areas

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Best practices for construction in sensitive areas - evaluating grade
Compliance in Construction is Key! Ensuring compliance is one of the largest responsibilities you will have when working as an Environmental Monitor in a sensitive area during the construction stage. I know what you’re thinking – compliant to what? Well, compliant to a variety of factors really. Compliance needs to be ensured in terms of regulatory and the owner’s requirements, ... Read More

Fish Salvage Using Backpack Electro Fishers

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Fish Salvage using Electrofishers - Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitors get Electrifying Results with these Unique Techniques! Even though they look like a device from Ghostbusters, Backpack Electrofishers are actually a significantly useful tool in salvaging fish and carrying out baseline aquatic assessments. Electrofishers use the technique of depositing electricity into areas of water, in order to capture and remove fish from project sites. Keep in mind – ... Read More

Planning as an Environmental Monitor

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Planning as an environmental monitor - things to consider

To Plan or not to Plan – Plan! As an Environmental Monitors you need to plan, plan, plan! Planning as an Environmental Monitor means that you may need to look at what the concerns are on a project site, what the sedimentation risks are, as well as what kind of equipment is needed on the site. These are considerations to … Read More