UNBC Continuing Studies to expand online programming, meet regional job demands

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UNBC Continuing Studies has reached an agreement that will expand its online services to include an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) certification program. Expected to be launched this fall, the certificate will provide accessible training for job seekers and industry leaders looking to fill potential job openings for OH&S practitioners. British Columbia’s industrial economy is projected to undergo several major … Read More

Getting an Environmental Monitoring Certificate

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Getting an Environmental Monitoring Certificate

In Canada, there are some specific things needed to get an accredited Environmental Monitoring Certificate. There are several face-to-face courses across Canada that give you varying levels of education and experience. UNBC’s Environmental Monitoring Certificate is taught by industry experts and can be taken as an in-class certificate at the Prince George campus or as an Online Certificate through our … Read More

CEMPs, EMPs, Component Plans and EPPs

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CEMPs EMPs Component Plans and EPPs - Environmental Monitoring Paperwork

Who Knew Environmental Protection Has So Many Acronyms The Construction Environmental Management Program is focused on the actual construction of the project rather than the pre-construction planning and development phase. This program is initialized to provide contractors with performance-based environmental requirements for the protection of important bio-physical, cultural, archaeological, and sociological economic values that are within the project area. Site-specific … Read More

Cultural Resource Management, Traditional Territories & Archaeology

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Cultural Resource Management - Environmental Monitoring - Northern BC Stream

Can Ya Dig It? Modern-day Indiana Jones do exist! But before we dive into the exciting topic of Archeology we must take a look at cultural resource management. Cultural resource management is the management of impacts of modern-day activities on our cultural resources. Primarily, Archeology is the focus of most of the cultural resource management projects that are being carried … Read More

Environment Management Programs

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Environmental Management Programs

Start at the Top with an Environmental Management Program Environmental Monitors use environmental management programs as an additional tool in their arsenal to implement environmental protection. The environmental management program is an all-encompassing program, which should be started at the initial inception of any project. Planning, design and the construction of the project are all included and essential to this … Read More

Wildlife of British Columbia

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Wildlife of British Columbia - Elk walking on the road in BC
The Call of the (British Columbian) Wild Did you know that British Columbia has the largest number of mammals per province?! B.C. also has the highest degree of bio-diversity in all of Canada. There are more than 500 different wildlife species in B.C! Large mammals receive the majority of protection and mitigation on projects because they act as umbrella species. ... Read More