Thoughts from one of last year’s guests!

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On last years Jet Boat Photography Trip were lucky enough to have Ute Wilder come along.  Ute is a lovely lady with a passion for adventure & photography.  I though I would share a few quote and photos from Ute.   “The many waterfalls along the rivers were amazing” “Coming home to the comfortable Lodge ,[overlooking the Skeena river] and … Read More

Northword magazine – Ghost town on the Skeena: Days of Dorreen

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Following up on yesterdays post on Dorreen I though I would add an informative article on the history of Dorreen.   Approximately 30 miles northeast of Terrace, across the Skeena River from Highway 16, is the historic community of Dorreen. There, running along the railway track from the old station to the railway bridge over Fiddler Creek, are the remains … Read More

The Skeena Ghost Town of Dorreen

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The once early 1900’s ghost town of Dorreen was home to 200-400 gold miners.  Our visit to this charming little town will be by Jet Boat as it is only accessible by Jet Boat or via rail.  it is possible to have via rail drop you off at the town and then when you want to get picked up in … Read More