Amphibian Handling

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Amphibian handling

Keep the Frogs Hoppin’ with these Useful Amphibian Handling Tips!

You don’t need to learn how to be a snake charmer to gain skills for amphibian handling as an Environmental Monitorbut you do need a permit!

If you are entering a construction site you will need a permit for handling amphibians. This usually takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to obtain. Due to this processing period, it is important to let a project proponent know well in advance to be proactive and plan to obtain a permit before construction, just in case the site is heavily populated with amphibians.

When handling amphibians you must also have animal care approval. In order to obtain this approval you will need to report how you have been trained, what your skill sets are, your level of experience and knowledge is, if you are conducting research, and whether you’re anesthetizing them. In terms of anesthetizing amphibians, currently MS222 is the only approved anesthetizing agent in B.C.

Another key consideration for obtaining animal care approval is to report whether you are using gloves when handling amphibians. It is recommended that you use bare hands when handling amphibians, because latex gloves may contain materials that can cause problems for developing amphibians.

As well, it is recommended to refrain from using bug spray, as this may also cause harm to the amphibian.

Also, there are regulations provided in animal care approval in order to decrease the potential for spreading amphibian viruses from site to site. Such guidelines state that Environmental Monitors should always clean off their gear – such as dip nets- and let them completely dry before using them on another site.

Learn more about amphibian handling in the interesting Wildlife, Bird and Amphibian Mitigation Measures course in the UNBC Continuing Studies’ Environmental Monitoring Certificate.

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