Alice Arm Schoolhouse

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Alice Arm is another of our stops on the Ghost Towns of Northwest BC Tour.  It is home to the historic  Dolly Varden mine which  operated from 1919 to 1940 and the North Star mine which ran  from 1919 to 1921, and the Torbrit mine from 1949 to 1959.  We will cruise along Observatory in our chartered yacht and begin exploring this eerie community.  The Alice Arm Schoolhouse is one of the structures still standing and it is full of stories from the past.   The names of the kids still remain above each coat hook where they were to hang up their jackets.  Hundreds of old textbooks from the 30’s scatter the shelves and remnants of the past can be found everywhere.

The Alice Arm schoolhouse still remains from the early 1900’s

Old Chests in the attic of the schoolhouse

4 Comments on “Alice Arm Schoolhouse”

  1. I went to that school from 1946 to when it closed in 1950 due to lack of kids. The teachers names were schunaman & the last one was Mamchur. My name is Ron Hadland & my step dad was Inge Fiva. Some of the kids were Jessy, Jean & herbie Butler. Phil & Allen Neilson. Eddie & Dale Turcott & others

  2. Thanks for your reply, I now live in Chilliwack. Yes that is my name Ronnie on the coat hook. The teachers lived upstairs in the school. I also lived up there with the teacher for about 2 months while my parents were on the fishing e mail is if you need more info

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