Jet Boats 101

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A jetboat is a boat propelled by a jet of water that is propelled through a corkscrew like impeller that is shot out of the back of the boat. Unlike a powerboat or motorboat that uses a propeller in the water below or behind the boat, a jetboat draws the water from under the boat into a pump inside the boat, then expels it through a nozzle at the stern.  The benefit of this is that there is no propeller or leg hanging down below the boat and this allows the boat to navigate very shallow water and get to places it wouldn’t otherwise be able to.  We utilize two jet boats with inboard jets to navigate the rivers on this tour.  They also make a great platform for taking photos.  If you haven’t been on one before it is quite the experience.  I still get goose bumps when cruising a new remote river in search of adventure as you never know what awaits around the next corner.

How a jet boat powers itself

The jet boat accessing amazing locations

Taking photos from the boat

The exhilaration of cruising up a new river



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  1. What an excellent way to tour around some of the most beautiful parts of BC! We live in Jet Boaters heaven here in British Columbia, with thousands upon thousands of rivers winding through some of the most beautiful country in the province.

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