Successful Professional Practices

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Successful professional practices as an environmental monitor

Professional Practices on the Project Site Environmental Monitoring is a very rewarding job, but it can be tough work! While working as an Environmental Monitor, it’s important to implement the most successful professional practices. A few things you will want to keep in mind include timing, flexibility and a varying monitoring effort. An example of practicing a varying monitor effort … Read More

Nuisance Bears

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When Bears get Pesky on Project Sites When working in the wilderness as an Environmental Monitor you will most likely experience bears on countless occasions. It is important that when you have a bear encounter that you do not encourage behavior that could create nuisance bear behavior. The term ‘nuisance bear’ means a bear that acts on a learned behavior … Read More

Aboriginal Consultation

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Priority Project Permission Starting an industrial project is B.C. can be MASSIVE work. As you may have already read in one of our previous blogs, there are quite a few steps in the process of reaching project approval. However, in Canada and more significantly B.C., a large area that needs to be taken into consideration is the area of Aboriginal … Read More

What is GPS?

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What is GPS - Environmental Monitoring

Global Positioning Systems or Genius Pinpointing Systems? Did you know that GPS’ (also known as global positioning systems) are just one of the satellite navigation systems that we have on earth? GPS’ were first created and introduced by the United States Department of Defense, with the accompanying launch of 24 satellites into the earth’s orbit. Eventually, this system evolved and … Read More