Anyox Dam Building

Rob BryceGhost Towns of Northwest BC, UNBC Experiential Tourism Program1 Comment

BTW We still have a few seats left in our 2015 Ghost Towns Tour of which Anyox is one of the destinations ( that we stay over night in)   Another followup from yesterdays photos of the Anyox Dam.  Here is an interesting story that Global News did on Anyox.   Here is a website from the Anyox hydro … Read More

Bear Photography

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Bears have to be one of the most photographed animals in BC and always seem to hold a certain  mystique with photographers.  Then comes the elusive Grizzly Bear which is our “King of the Forest”.  We will do our best to provide the participants with an opportunity to photograph a grizzly bear.  The odds of seeing one is quite good … Read More

Thoughts from one of last year’s guests!

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On last years Jet Boat Photography Trip were lucky enough to have Ute Wilder come along.  Ute is a lovely lady with a passion for adventure & photography.  I though I would share a few quote and photos from Ute.   “The many waterfalls along the rivers were amazing” “Coming home to the comfortable Lodge ,[overlooking the Skeena river] and … Read More